Looking for aa corp

Hello im lolopinkoto, but you can call me lolo.
Im ajust new EVE Online player with exactly 2 days of experience as of typing this. I am looking for a small corp accepting noobies like me.
As for me im a teenager that finds enjoyment playing EVE and in looking for others who feel the same. Hope to find a place to call home.
Im also an Alpha working to get Omega soon. I will leave a discord group thing I made so I can communicate with whoever decided I sound like a good fit

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Thought you were looking for an alcoholics anonymous corporation for a second


Considered it tbh

What about flying around in shiny uniforms and police skin ships shooting ppirates and bad guys wile learning the secrets of both PVE & PVP? :sunglasses:

HEre, have a look…

You have a discord?

Hi if you are still interested send request to The Big Cheese#4491

Heya man and welcome to EvE!

We are new player friendly

Yo if it isnt age restricted im in. Whats the discord so I can join to apply or something

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