Looking for Alliance for our small corporation

Hey there!

I lead a ragtag group of players primarily in the PST timezone. We’re a group of real-life friends who have been happy to sit in highsec and do abyssal content together with the occasional roam into wormholes and nullsec, but we’d like to branch out a bit and give 0.0 Alliance play a try.

We range in experience and SP, but even the newest players can essentially fly Hawks (for abyssal content) and everyone just spent their 1M SP on Manticores, with the intention of us acting as a bomber wing and growing from there.

At this point, we’re not looking to merge into another corporation but that may change in the future.

Please mail me if you’re interested! I’m not sure we’ll find the right fit but am happy to chat if you manage an Alliance and are okay with taking on a small corporation.

Hi Kibbler!

I sent you a mail in-game, but here’s the link to my corp’s recruitment ad:

We’re a corp dedicated to helping new(er) pilots dive into New Eden, and we supply you with all kinds of support to help you on your journey. Our alliance holds its own space (we don’t rent), we’re allied with a large, diverse group of people active at all hours of the day, and I’m specifically active during PST primetime so I’d be on hand to help you with whatever resources you need.

You can also visit my Discord with any questions, and we can get acquainted there: Akadeimia Keipouron SVK

We’d be happy to have you in our alliance as a corp, but if you decide later you’d like to fold in to one of ours, that’s always an option as well. Whatever works best for you and your people.

Welcome to New Eden!

Looking forward to working with you. Fly safe!


Interested in wormholes?

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