Looking for allliance

Two brothers, with a very small corp, looking for an alliance. We are returning players we have played, in total, over a year; but, have only been back for a month or so. We are looking for a wormhole corp or alliance who likes PVE.

Would say most corps has pvp focus but i know any corp has possibilities to do pve on the side.
Would recommend these wormhole corps:

Scary Wormhole People.

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I’d agree with these two- but also going to pitch two that haven’t hibernated at least once in the past year. Naturally that comes with a bit larger group- so it’s up to you whether you want smaller or larger.

Singularity Syndicate https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99005476/
Einstein-Rosen Brigade https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99005590/

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Both good choices aswell, i like em.

We have found a home. Thanks to those suggestions.

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