Looking for an Alliance for new players

Hey there,
i am looking for an alliance, that protects new players with their corps. We go mining pyroxeres and Kernite, trade and produce some goods. Maybe there are fitting alliances for us. We had this situation, that players shot our Tayra in HighSec and we lost a lot of ISK.
We are placed in Amarr and Jita.

Fly safe!

You should realize, that there is no alliance, that will protect your T1 unfitted haulers on their day trips. Maximum, what you can get is a large blue list, so less poeple will shot you. Your hauler was killed by a suicide ganker and there is almost no way to ensure permanent protection against such action. Punishment - yes, but not protection. Right now your corp painted really big fat target sign on your back. Rather disband, ground a new one and never ever post something like that on the forum :wink:

  1. Learn how to MWD/cloak your hauler if you insist on staying in high sec.
  2. Move to some protected null, like Delve, Esoteria or Vale of Silent. There you can get protection, not promise of revenge.
  3. If you get constantly war dec’d, disband and recreate your team again, use alts in NPC corps to ship your goods to trade hubs.

Hauling 700 million ISK in a T1 industrial pretty much guarantees a gank. Scouts will do a cargo scan on most haulers heading toward a trade hub, your Tayra was an easy one shot kill for a Tornado and the cargo was worth 10 times as much as the Tornado - an excellent business decision on the part of the ganker.

I’d be comfortable carrying that much through highsec in a Blockade Runner - but I fit mine to survive a couple of shots from a Tornado - and I can afford the loss if I get caught.

Close your corp and join Pandemic Horde. Start a corp in a few years when you actually know what you’re doing.

Great plan, then I can shoot his industrials too :sunglasses:

Seriously tho OP, you got ganked because you overfilled your incredibly cheap and fragile hauler. Don’t put all your eggs is a weak as sh*t basket and you’ll probably make it home with in-tact eggs in future.

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