Looking for an Alliance (NULL SEC)

Welcome to The Forsaken Syndicate!

We are a UK English speaking corp. Normally Online Between most times of the day (UK Time).
We are currently looking for a null sec alliance to join that has an active player base.

We are currently looking for:

  • Low Cost / Zero Cost
  • Null Sec System / systems
  • Illegal to attack Blues
  • Access to markets to Buy and Sell

Join the in game chat channel “Forsaken Syndicate” to chat more or mail me in game.

Just to add to make things clear we already operate in null sec with this corp and our others we just wont an alliance to join to grow with.

1 man corporation? You’ll need to rent, bro.

Hello, I am the CEO of a null sec corp that rents a system with Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion. Our rate is 250 million per player a month. If you are interested in joining us please contact me my character Avacyn Markov.


Hi Kane,

I really appreciate your enthusiasm and drive in setting up a corp and looking to join a null sec alliance. You’ve thought about what you want, taken the time to set up the corp description and chat channel, which is great.

But… @BearThatCares is right - you’ll struggle to find an alliance that will accept a single player corp, especially a player that’s never been part of a corp themselves before.

My recommendation to you is to join an existing corp, get involved and help that corp to grow. Then, once you get the hang of that, you might either decide to stay with that corp, branch out and create your own corp or who know, maybe you’ll get promoted to CEO when the existing CEO runs off to play WoW or whatever.

Whatever you do, you’ll need members before most null alliances will give you attention.

Wow. I should start charging my guys a rate :slight_smile:

Thanks for you comment, I understand the one man band thing but we will be brining our other older corps over if the alliance offers good prospects, its not just this one corp :slight_smile:
Due to us not wanting to cause problems where the other corps are at the moment we don’t want to name them then be war decked instantly and kicked out.

Fly Safe :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, 250m is not worth it due to our current interests in those areas but thanks

If you have multiple Corps that need a new home, and if they all have PvP as their primary focus (with Industry as a second), you might want to reach out to SLYCE (Solyaris Chtonium), one of the oldest Industrial Alliances in EVE, part of the GoTG Coalition. Explain to them who you all are, and see if there’s interest. If nothing else, they’ll hear you out, and if it turns out to be a no, it will be a polite one. They’re a solid group of guys.

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