YO, join our Null Sec Alliance NPC Syndicate

HELLO, Come join us.

Corporations invited and single players.

Want to get out into NPC nullsec, this is a good time we are a small alliance in Syndicate NOT far form Empire Orville Area.
We don’t care if your industrial or PVP or just PVE.

We will teach you pvp if interested we have German speaking, Russian Speaking , English speaking.
So these languages could be good for you.
Currently NO monthly costs to be in our alliance.
As CEO’s you will be involved in the say of the alliance.

I have a few issues in the area but most of the time the systems are empty and friendly
I have been playing Eve since Beta 2003 and can teach what ever you need to learn.
Talk to me in game

(doomer to friends)

Stronghold Corporation
Cursed Battalion Alliance
Alliance Leadership

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