Looking for an Industry/PVP Corp (3 Recruits)

I am looking for a corp that focuses on Industry(Manufacturing & Mining) and on Piracy/Looting. We are three brothers that just started about a week ago or less, so we are so looking for a corp that will be friendly towards newbros and provide some assistance if needed. Finally, we just want the corp to be active and somewhat large (20+). We are in EST (East Coast USA).

Thank you guys! Send me a pm or reply to the post! I look forward to hearing from you all.

Im a member of a corporation TCAM that is based in the US on central and east coast time. We primarily so mining, industry, wormholes so that sounds like a pretty good fit.

You can find our info in game TCAM is the ticker (Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management). We are a midsized corporations so you can usually find good fleet op partners for just about anything. We dont have any obligations, level of commitment is up to you: really all that matters is having fun. We also have a publicly accessible discord channel in case you want to ask any questions.

Happy flying, hope you find the right fit.