Looking for an null NPC base corp EU

looking for an null NPC base corp

42mil sp with 20mil alt

EU time zone
18:00 - 01:00 eve time


I think my corp could be the thing for you. Check out our add.



Are you struggling to decide upon what Corporation fits your play style? Has Eve got you questioning the very future of your life? Does Highisec make you cringe?

Join Indecision - Time to Decide!

We’re a Null-sec group that basically gets stuff done, has a laugh and doesn’t really do Drama, plenty of fleets, lots of activity and some of the most chill people I’ve ever had the joy of playing with.

Primary fleets vary from 18:00~03:00 so the fleet times and activity for us fits you perfectly, come have a chat.

Or check our website https://indecision-eve.com/

EU TZ Corp, pvping and are active looking for members. Pop by to SINS ARE AWESOME in game and we can have a chat.

I think you need some Agony Unleashed in your life!

Small gang pvp, nullsec, hop on discord and ask to speak to a recruiter ASAP!

Recruiting in EU !

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