Looking for Corp - 67mill SP (have alts)

Looking for corp, for my main (67mill industrial) and possibly alts (e.g. 46mill subcap pvp)

What I don’t want:

  • No null, been there 3 times over the years, at the moment not looking to go back to it.
  • Huge impersonal corps, prefer small or medium corps.
  • No farm or feeding corp for null, if I wanted to go to null I’d go there directly, not slaving for them.
  • No drama, it’s already on the menu at work, I’d rather not having it also once I play.

What I can offer:

  • Mining boosts (Orca for HS)
  • I like to help, new bros, recruiting, producing (T1, T2, etc…), organizing OPs…
  • An extra PvP toon for your small gangs if I join also with the alt.

Hey, we would be a perfect fit if you’re down for minmatar hs space. We have a nice pocket, good group, not too big. We do a mix of indy/mining/pve missioning and exploration. We are teaching newbros pvp atm so some low sec pvp roams will likely be a thing.

I’ll send you an ig mail.


I’ve got a budding corp getting established in Amarr space, it’s incredibly quiet. So you can build and mine to your hears deligh. (I certainly do.) We’re a small PVE (Industry Focused) corp that’s centered on helping it’s members to have a good time. There’s no restrictions or taxes. No constant corp pings to harrass your notifications.

We just like to relax and have a good time. We offer everything from exploration, to indy and beyond.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please contact Vystaril Rainheart in-game. And we can have a chat about building a future.

Thanks for your time,
Vahrgrim Corporation, C.E.O

Feel free to check us out

hello o/… what tz do you play? our corporation is recruiting members. we are a low-sec small corp. we have bunch of moon to mine, and structures for building stuff and other necessities. pve are also available around the area we have lvl 5 mission agents. as well as pvp activities

hello i the ceo of a small corp in a wh alliance, we are mainly pvp but do have miners. we live in a c2 wh. if you think that be samething you into please mail in game to chart.

Check us out!

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