Looking for corp focused on solo pvp

I’ve been playing eve for nearly 10 years now and by far my favorite aspect of eve is solo pvp.

I am looking for a corp centered on that to be able to speak to like minded people and call for reinforcements if i stumble upon something big.

Of course wingspan comes to mind. I know chance ravine left so I’m wondering what’s the corp like these days?

Otherwise there is The Wormhole Police. Great bunch of guys, but I’d like to have a staging in wh with preferably a ns static and I would be doing pve there which is against their (rp) rules.

Another option would be a regular wh corp with people that enjoy both solo and small gang. Again, slight preference for a ns static.

At this point I’m almost thinking about creating my own corp but I’d much rather join a group of existing pilots. What are my options? Do you have something to offer? :stuck_out_tongue:

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