Looking for Corp in Solitude

Hoping back into the game after a few years hiatus. Currently at 17mil SP and flying a Gila primarily. Looking to find a corp in the area who does pve, pvp, and wormhole stuff

Timezone is NA West Coast

Hi Lyro,

I think we would be the perfect fit for you, Eagles Wing Industries :eagle: CVA do everything that you are looking for in Corp and we are based in Barleguet - Placid, 2 Jumps from Solitude.

CVA - (PVP/Null/Low) Eagle Wing Industries (Build your bling with Eagle Wing) - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Drop me a message in game ( Ernak Barca) or on on discord ( Ernak Barca#3386 )

Or jump in our discord -

I would like to arrange call with you if possible?



Hey what’s up.

We need help in all those aspects. However, we are based in Caldari space. Not sure if that is a deal-breaker or not.

I will send you a mail in-game as well, thanks a lot!

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