(Looking for Corp) New player who doesnt want to live in highsec

Title pretty much explains everything, I am a new player to this game and dont typically enjoy being in a “safe space” so I was hoping to delve into the deep parts of space asap. I like to think of myself as a fast learner and able to adapt quickly so as long as your willing to teach im willing to learn c: my main preference would be to join a wormhole space corp because that seems to be the hardest thing for me to dig my teeth into ^^ although null security and low security seem fun too.

TLDR - Im noob and wanna go have fun somewhere dangerous. Please have me

  • James

Hey bud!

Welcome to the game, glad you’re jumping into the deep end. Here’s some stuff to get you started.

Generally, new player groups like EVE University and Pandemic Horde are good for learning the foundations, but if you think you can manage jumping straight into the deep end… shoot me a mail and we can figure something out for you.

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James we have new players in our corp who are coming along nicely. We’re in Pure Blind which is sov space. Easy access for new players from Jita compared to move 0.0 space.

Our guys are learning small gang pvp, how to hack it in null sec (building and ratting) and we have a fun time. Here are some of our recent adventures:

We need more bro’s to help with sov defense, sov attacks, industry, mining and ratting! We also teach small gang pvp, capital pvp, and sov fleets.

If you want to jump in Trolling Grounds public channel and come have a talk with us look forward to seeing you there!

Send me a message in game :slight_smile:

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