Looking for corp pve/homefront/ indy/pvp

Hello I’m currently looking for a corporation that’s active that is pilots who are interested in certain activities that are Pve related, from event activates to homefront sites or winter event sites, FC quite a few industrial and Pve fleets and LowSac and highsec

looking for a community i fit in also

I’m primarily located near doDixie

in game name pimps masterson masterson

im actively looking so please let me know

Boondocks Industrial: Bringing Business to the Boondocks!!

Our business plan is to Encourage and Inspire Business Opportunities in the many systems that lie at the end of the gravel roads of New Eden. Far from the noise and traffic of the Trade hubs. Where you wave at your neighbors as you pass, sit on your front porch, drink your coffee, read your paper and enjoy the fresh air. All without having to worry about 'bots mining your ore, or gankers knocking on your doors.

Boondocks Industrial is now hiring. We are looking for Mature Entrepreneurs with a background in Trade, Mining and Industry. Creativity, Inventiveness and the ability to think outside of the box. You must be willing to live and work in NPC Null. No experience necessary, we will train the right candidates. PvP experience is a plus, but not required. We will train you if you are interested. You will be required to participate in Alliance and Coalition fleets. We will train you. This is a great opportunity to live and work in a relative stable area of Null-Sec space without the SOV politics. Plenty of business opportunities for the cleaver thinker. For more information contact Umathyor Chelien or Abraham Solis. Or drop into I-BLU Public and ask for Uncle Uma. Bring your own calculator and coffee cup. We Love SpreadSheets!

Boondocks Industrial is part of the I-BLU Alliance and a member of the Syndicate Coalition

hey buddy

hope you can give us a call

Hi, We are an active corp based near Hek. We have daily fleets for mining but are active in both Faction Wars and occasional PVP. Our corp info is here -


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