Looking for Explorer's for my FW fleets, Alpha or Omega!

Uprising is coming, I run newbro/alpha oriented Minmatar aligned fleets on tuesdays and thursdays. Starting thursday I will be welcoming any Neutral, Minmatar or Gallente explorer’s that want to just scan sites and possibly have some support incase things get hectic.

Remember, with these sites if you are not minmatar faction alligned the npc will be hostile to you. In this case, as long as the NPC’s are of the Amarr Militia 24th crusade, we can help you with the npc while you hack the site.

If your tagging along with us you are NOT expected to fight our enemies, and you can keep what you get in the containers. If you do not wish to obtain the tokens or are feeling generous any donations will be welcome!

I will be getting these on my own, but I want to help others get the chance of getting these as well.

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