Looking for Gallente HS based corp

11M skillpoint character. Looking for a corp that is active, based in Gallente, for industrial work (PI, manufacturing, mining) and pve (missions and, down the line, incursions).

I would also like some boosted mining fleets, and some wormhole activity as a bonus.

I was hoping for a 200+ member corp if possible but not essential.


Hello Marl Dae-Su! I represent Deep Rock Galactica (DRGC.)

DRGC. is primarily a high sec industrial and mission running corporation based in Gallente space near Jita.

We are a drama free, no requirements corporation that offers the following:

  • Daily fleets

  • T2 Orca boosts

  • TAX FREE research, production, reprocessing (T1 rigs), and invention

  • NO CORP TAX—run missions and take all the reward!

  • Corp buyback program- no sitting around waiting for your buyorders to complete

We also offer PVP training and courses for those interested in joining our Null/Low PVP corporation.


  • Discord

  • Mumble (Optional)

If you’re interested stop by our Discord


join our in game public channel: Heavy in Public

My Corporation actually can provide all of that except for the numbers as I am starting a corporation from the ground. That’s not totally bad either that means that you can also call some of the shots. But I do have connections that you and I can build with other people to make your experience more fun

Discord: NyxSilence#6150

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