Looking for High Sec Wardec's (Have done it before 5 accounts and know the drill)

Hi, I am looking to get back into Highsec wardecs permanently, i have done it before with Marmite/Public Enemy and a short stay in PIRAT.

I have five accounts one for eyes and four that PVP.

I know what i am doing and would not need to be taught/handheld on the mechanics/how to.

Also 2 of the accounts joining can duel box Guardians.

Thanks for the time.

Bump still searching

[UICHU] Uitra Isk Corp is looking for people to join us. I myself have only done mining, but the founder has done PvP.

Still looking while doing some work in lowsec https://zkillboard.com/character/723219982/

Bump still looking for war dec/merc corp or alliance

Which time zone are you in?

EU TZ but play all around due to work but tend to be on at the very least 2000-0100ET (This is kinda the minimum time i play a day)

Still looking https://zkillboard.com/character/723219982/

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Yo what’s up mang

Hey man

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