Station Basher Looking for HS Alliance

Hi there,

With the new changes to the WarDec system, CCP is trying yet again to protect the carebares in HS. This means people like me now need to either own an Upwell themselves OR be part of an alliance that owns one.

That’s where you (I hope) come in.

I’m looking for an active corp or alliance that has a station(s) in HS to ally with. I only hit abandoned station so there is little to no risk of the targets stations corp retaliating. I do my homework and with close to 60 stations destroyed, I’ve only ever lost one ship(to a defender).

If you are located in the western regions of NE, that would be even better. No interaction with me is needed…(and likewise)

I hope to hear from you with any questions/comments you have.

Thanks in advance!

ps. I’m willing to pay up to 25% in the drop value as a tax if you like…good extra income for your corp!

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Can I simply loan you a structure indefinitely so that you can carry on as per usual?


This would be a GREAT offer…what are you conditions?


Just give it back to me if/when you’re done with it. If you do, you do. If you don’t, you don’t.


That works!

I’ll be sending you rent BTW, informal is it will be :slight_smile:

I’ll contact you in game shortly…


I won’t refuse free money, but I’m just trying to keep someone who plays eve playing eve. I expect nothing. One upwell structure for a more lively universe is a small price to pay.


In game message sent…


Your thread has been posted on reddit.

Do you need any ISK?


Why not just anchor an Astrahus yourself?

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With the changes to the WarDec system, I wanted to weigh the pro./cons of doing it myself vs Alliance’ing-up.

With Qia Kare’s offer I will be doing it myself but I still might want to join an allaince to spead the load/risk around.

And no I’m good for ISK…thanks for asking though!

Also is being posted on Reddit a good/bad thing?


I posted it, it was out of respect of Qia’s devotion to keeping players in the game.

I would hope it is a good thing :smiley:


@Runa_Yamaguchi I’d happily transfer you an anchored structure in a random high security system. Send me an EVEMail and we can work out the details.


Good lord…this isn’t EVE…way too many nice people. :upside_down_face:

Thanks Mabel but for now I think I’m good as Qia has me covered. I wasn’t looking for a handout or free-stuff so these offers have really caught me off-guard to be honest.

Thank you very much and watch for my in game ‘hello’…

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Acts like this are the reason EVE’s sandbox works. Salut!


Contract completed…

Absolutely stunned (In a good way)…

Qia is an Eve Angel…


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