New HS Corp Alliance growing in Caldari space needs new members pilots


Anyone here looking for a home for their HS corp.
We started off as miners sometime ago and found we got griefed so much we had to fight back so our combat alliance was born. we now run 2 alliances in caldari space 1 industrial (meakhai conglomerate) and 1 combat orientated (vox cartel).
we operate on a self sufficiency protocol. industry wise we can build invent and mine anything. Combat wise we operate small gangs station takedown and defences.
we are new we need to grow and build on what we have and then who knows where we will end up.
so if anyone out there wants more info or just advise us on how to proceed from here on in drop into our Vox Rec channel or send me a message.

dax : )


That sounds more like a “we wont help you do anything because we dont care” policy.

What makes you different from all the other hisec alliances out there?

thanks for your comment
to answer your questions the term self sufficiency is meant more in the terms of we build everything we use from fuel to ships. perhaps I didn’t make that clear enough.
secondly The whole point of an alliance is that everyone works and achieves better together. that’s our sole aim at the moment. what comes after that is yet to be determined.
thirdly why are we better than any other high sec alliance. well the answer is we have experienced management (ex nullsec alliance team.) Vast amounts of skills and experience in industry combat and organisation. over 2 trillion isk to help us along and finally we have a willingness to create something that’s well run and organised. if that’s better than any other HS alliance I don’t know because we are not part of any other group.
where the future takes us who knows we have built alliances before that held sov in null we have had over 3000 members before lets see what happens this time.


I have two accounts
1 - Industrialist with 68m sp
1 - pvp/industrial support with 78m sp
Corp: 2 Advanced Heavy Industries

I have recently returned and am looking for a decent alliance to join. And this post interested me.

Cheers o7

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