Looking for pilots of all types

HiSec life not cutting it anymore? Current Corporation not moving forward and stuck in its ways or just fancy a change of NullSec space?

We are looking for dedicated individuals or groups from all timezones to join our Corporation.

We are a small Corporation that is looking to grow again, the Alliance is across all TZ’s so whatever your TZ is there will almost always be people online to do things and chat with.

Located in Vale of the Silent and we a part of LTRIG Alliance which is part of the Winter Coalition.

The Alliance and Coalition offer great buyback prices on everything you could think off nice space to do PVE, Mining etc as well as PVP in all aspects.

Low tax rate on ore mined from Alliance moons.

Small fleet attendance requirements which means your not a slave to the machine of war and can relax in game throughout most of your month.

Also being a low member Corporation you will not be just a number you will be a valued member, once we have grown again we will be offering Corporate competitions for all kinds of rewards.

If this sounds of interest to you or a group that is looking to move away from your current Corporation, jump into our in game chat R.A.T or join our Corporation discord Royal Amarr Transportation

Touretes o7

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Time for the top

Another bump it is, Still looking for pilots to join us :smiley:

Bump time :smiley:

Bump me up, Will be online throughout the day today so anyone wanting to chat I’ll be able to answer your questions :smiley:

Back to the top, Enjoy your sunday :+1:

Still open for new guys to join us :smiley:

May I ask how many people in your corp. Also, how many are active on a given day. I’m looking to join a corp I can grow and expand my skills (and fun) with.

I retract my questions and consideration for membership…Can’t even be bothered to reply? Yeah, no thanks.

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