Open Recruitment, Come join us everyone is welcome

Royal Amarr Transportation is currently looking to expand our player base and hopefully become as strong as we once were.

Based in HiSec and looking to expand the Corporation enough to get a nice WH division up and running, We have guys that run missions and incursions, Pilots that are more focused on Industrial aspect of EVE.

All have one thing in common, We like the relaxed approach and not have CTA’s every hour to attend just to sit in a structure waiting on the FC to say UNDOCK lol

I do like my fellow Corp members to join in fleets whenever they can for some PVP fun times but this is by no means mandatory if you never join a fleet that is your choice and is fully accepted, I would like for members to join a fleet for a structure of the Corp being attacked but this still is not the end of the world.

PVE pilots of all abilities are more than welcome to join, Industrial Pilots that can provide boosts for other members online would be fantastic as can never have enough pilots able to fly those ships :smiley:

PVP Pilots will need to have some experience in that aspect don’t need to be brilliant but knowing some stuff would be great.
Due to WH diving flying a ship that can cloak up and warp about is a must.
Tripwire experience would be great also but this will not take long to pick up on if you have never used it before.

If your interested in the Corp jump into our recruitment channel; Royal Chatter and grab the attention of someone online. If no one is online you can always chuck me an in game mail with your SP level and what you are wanting to do in game.

Touretes o7

Recruitment Still open.

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