Looking for Highsec PVE corp

Looking for Highsec PVE corp, Mission runner.
15 mil sp, all alpha skills.
Teamspeak and Discord.

Just looking to have fun do missions, chat and no drama or Fats.

You sound like our type. We are The Order of Omerta and we’re pointy team based activities such as pve pvp fw and indy. Our main focus is fw but we got mission runners and are looking to add more. We got a real laid back community that’s drama free and we enjoy joking in coms and having fun.

We are based in HS/LS and run fleets daily

If you’re interested in chatting and see if we’re a fit come by The Order of Omerta

No Faction Warfare. PVE not PVP

Hey mate, give SOUSL a try - South Sun Logistics


I am CEO of a corp in the process of joining a Pochven alliance, I am USTZ 0100-0700 during the week and usually on all weekend join IIAR Pub in game or shoot me a mail for any questions or interest.


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