New player looking for pvp/pve USTZ

So i got into game maybe a week ago, i bought the starter pack woth the 3 months and plex, looking for a corp that i can learn the game and play with other folks. I am interested in most avenues, pvp and pve. I do not really have much experience other than flying around and shooting npc’s.


We could help you at The Order of Omerta. We have a bunch of newer and returning players and a great community of ppl to learn from. We do FW, pvp, Indy and mining, We can teach you the ropes and get you into pve and pvp in no time, If interested come by The Order of Omerta

no fw thanks though… i tried it and dont feel not having access to all space good for people like me, sorry, want to see the game not be locked out of it.

It’s different now you can enlist and retire whenever you want. No threats in hs

hey buddy if you are still looking let me know

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