Looking for Minmattar hi sec corp

Hi there,

Im looking for the above to start falling in love with the game again. I’m not averse to a roleplay corp but i mainly mission run. I have 110 mil sp of which i use very little :). Im eu timezone based so looking for a corp thats active in that time zone.

feel free to contact me ingame

Hey, this ad is a little out of date, but we would be a good fit. Our public discord link is there.

thanks very much

Welcome to join us at Shinra mate, if still looking of course!!

Nash Equilibrium Fair Industrial Enterprise are recruiting EUTZ and USTZ members. (NOW ACCEPTING NEW PLAYERS)

We are a close knit bunch of guys and girls that enjoy all aspect of eve and the high, low and Nullsec life we are looking to recruit more people and grow the corp. plenty of laughs to be had and there is always something to do here.

Who we are: NEFFIE is a new corporation with very experienced pilots from all different types of play styles in eve …weather it be PvP, mining, exploring we have it all here any active that wishes to expand there gaming experience.

Our corp kill board:

What we offer:

  • PvP all forms - juicy kills…big fleet, small fleet, hotdrops, PvP training
  • Many ISK Making opertuninitys
  • Very socialy friendly EUTZ and US corp
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining and production
  • Moon mining
  • Ratting
  • Logistics
  • Exploration
  • Alliance level SRP
  • Strong alliance and blue umbrella
  • PI
  • have fun

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