Looking for new corp


I’m a returning player looking for a good Indy or pvE Corp to join. Ideally something smaller, though not a requirement. I really enjoy the quiet of null sec and spend most of my time there ratting. Not a high sec person. An active Corp would be nice though, as I am fairly active.

About 12 mil SP (because I wasn’t training on break).
Pretty evenly distributed across the board.
My ship of choice is the proteus. Not sure why, I just like it.
I can do pi and basic to mid tier production.
And that’s me!

Fly safe!

Misfits Alliance be a part of growing community.

Hi keir Thomasdy,

we are Terra Nanotech, a (mostly EU, some US TZ) 00 corp.

If you still looking for a crop, hit the link below for more Infos.

Fly save.

We can help you out with what you need and want to do in game come have a chat in game with us links and ways to get in touch in the ad below

What timezone you in? We’re a small group of friends in nullsec who focus on Indy/production and wormhole exploration. We are Est NAtz.

Conside ICON Libertas. We are a good community and welcome indy players as well as those who might want to learn PvP (we will help you and train you). There are lots of moons to mine for free and a buyback program if you want to selll the ore right away. Good ratting, exploration, and PI here as well We live in null sec (Perrigan Falls) and we are part of Lord of Worlds alliance.

Contact Arrowspeeed Bounty in game (3 e’s in Arrowspeeed). Or you can come into ICON_Public

Hope to talk with you soon!


Hello friend , come have a chat with us

Hey! My Corp lives in Providence Null-Sec and very laid back. We are pretty small but have big goals. With players active through all timezones.

If you are looking for something small with a large alliance, with the option of staying in Null, Galaxy Enterprises is recruiting for our Null Sec section for Indy and PvP. Message me in-game, we help returning players catch up.

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