Looking For New Members! Looking For New Corps For Alliance!

Hello, thank you for taking the time to look into what we have to offer!

We are a new corporation ran by experienced players, and we are looking for more miners to join our ranks. Though PVP and PVE players are welcomed to join, it will be a week or so before we can organize Alliance ops that involve PVP roams and Incursions, so it will be a little slow for you for those 1-2 weeks to get everything with our schedule organized and agreed upon.

We are also welcoming corps into our alliance! Any corp of any creed are welcomed to join. Preferably at least 10 members, and determined to grow! PVP corps will bring necessary fighters and can lead the PVP Ops, Mission running or Incursion corps can help organize and lead those corresponding Alliance Ops. Just send me a PM or Mail in game, and I’ll love to get in touch and talk some more about what we have to offer!

Fly Safe!

Daily Bump. Best way to reach me is in-game through mail!

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