Looking for PVPers, miners, industrialists - New Corp

What is worth fighting for? What do YOU fight for? Glory? Explosions? Loot? ISK? All of that??

We’re recruiting new or returning players, veterans or not. Alphas & Omegas! Join us and fight for what you want in New Eden!

Chill corporation, honorable, looking for PvP pilots, PvE, miners and industrialists. Join the diplomatic channel in-game - VRKB-Diplo - or message one of our representatives in-game.

Zurtral Saurfang - Warchief
Kyra Le’mmont - Diplomat
Chas Lemmont - Ambassador

Still recruiting, PVPers and miners mostly, but everyone is welcome to apply

Its better to pick either pvp or mining when youre recruiting. When you try to recruit everything, it means youre good at nothing and thats how recruits see it.

Just some friendly advice.

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