Looking for Null Sec Corp (Ratting, PvP, Indu)

Hey, just returned back to EVE after a 4 year break. Started with a new toon (Will always be Omega) so its only been 17 days. SP is up to 10 Million with Injectors so im not that useless (Skilled towards Minmatar and Caldari). Been in EVE on and off since 2007, so I saw quiet a bit. Ex Goonsquad member and Pandemic Horde. Flew Logi, Interceptor/dictor and ECM/Neut Warfare in PvP. Some Battleship Fights as well. A Fax is the main goal besides the Carrier Ratting.

PvP Experience is there, Intel, Home Defense all that. PvE…Ratting, Escalations, BPO Production, Trading, Scanning Wormholes (Coming out dead mostly, being honest here. Someone still has to teach me that ■■■■, I hate J Space.) Able to fly Caldari Freighters. Jump ones not yet but soon. Currently skilling Strat Cruisers. I detest mining if its not in a Rorqual but I can sit in a normal Barge for Corp Ops.

No issues to learn Doctrine Ships but if it takes a month then it does. I also wont bother running multiple accounts. If a second account is needed for Cynos etc, there are humans for that to ask. So as you can see I am looking for a nice Corp that accepts RL and limitations and doesnt slam a fat ass guidebook onto you. An overall mature line up of 28+ would be a plus as well. I use Discord most of the day, TS3 and Mumble are also installed. If you need another Member in your Corp contact me via EVE Mail or Discord: Subfraction#0129

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Hi there, If you want SOV im not your guy. But if you want NULL without the Politics or requirements etc - just to have fun and hang out come check us out.

Hey Alexander,

Sounds like you might want to drop by our in game public chat or discord. We are steadily expanding as both a corp and an alliance since ditching the blue donut and setting up in NPC null. We’re a pretty chill bunch of all rounders who are spending our new found freedom poking at all the bits of eve being tied to a big bloc precludes us from. Being in NPC null of course we can’t offer back to back havens under a super umbrella but if casual PVP / indy / not giving a f**k is your goal then we might work for you

In game chat “Start Frontiers”
Discord: http://discord.gg/9DeaSP8
Recruitment post: B0SS Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots & Corporations for NPC Nullsec… Come Fly With Us!

Hope you drop by!

Hey @Alexander_J_Williams

I’ve eve-mailed you to talk about Kenshin:

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