Looking for OLD data dumps

I’m working on a personal…I suppose you could call it an “archaeology” project that started as me trying to hunt down the infamous Tech 5 mining laser and gradually expanded into involves hunting down old typeIDs in the game’s database and figuring out what they were for.

This hasn’t been helped by CCP periodically removing things from the database, however justified such action may be, so in the interests of furthering my exploration I’m asking anyone who might be interested to hand out copies of EvE’s old database dumps and toolkits, like the now-defunct examples listed on this page. The further back in time, the better; hell, if someone could send me a rip of the original install disc from 2003 I’d be downright giddy!

Oldest I can do you is Crucible.


I found an old dbo from 2006 on eve-files, but I don’t know how to use it. Got any tips for a noob to assemble a database viewer if there aren’t any out there already?

I’m also looking to contact Chruker, if anyone knows how. There’s an Archive.org capture of his site from back in 2007, but it’s not complete. I’m hoping that he might have copies of the old databases that I can look through.

So, it turns out that the links in the “Eve data export, RMR Edition” devblog still work, and I am now in possession of database dumps from Red Moon Rising. I’ll definitely be looking through them as soon as I can make the time. Now all I need to do is find an original game disc to rip files from and I should be pretty much set to finish my project.

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