I'm looking for OLD databases; Exodus, Castor, and Second Genesis

I’m working on a personal project involving the history of EvE Online and what CCP has worked on over the course of the game’s development. This digital archaeology project of mine began with me trying to hunt down the database entry of the infamous Nibelung Particle Bore Stream V (T5 mining laser) and gradually expanded into the rest of the database’s typeIDs, models, and images.

Unfortunately for me, in addition to renaming several things in the years since launch CCP also periodically removes entries from the database, and while I’m sure they have good reasons for it this really hasn’t done my search any favors.

I recently lucked out when I discovered that the download links in the “Eve data export, RMR Edition” devblog still work and got my hands on everything in there, but alas! While the export had many things in it that have since been removed it still didn’t have the T5 laser in it, or - if discussions on the old forums from back in 2003 are anything to go by - any of the other Tech V stuff that was apparently in the database back then.

Archive.org has been helpful in tracking down sites from back in 2006-08 where I could look up old stuff in the database, but the oldest of the old databases - Taggart Transdimensional’s tti-nexus.com - wasn’t preserved in any useful format. I even went to TTI’s home forums and asked if they had anything to share, but they had only managed to save a portion of their old forums and nothing from the nexus.

I also struck out when I went looking for old installation discs; apparently the game’s cache held all the databases, and since I (naturally) can’t connect to the servers from 2003 I won’t be able to get my hands on the old tables that way, either.

Now it seems that my only options are asking other players if they happen to have copies of the old cache and database files lying around somewhere, or hoping a CCP dev happens to run across this thread, takes pity on me, and sends me a copy of the 2003 database(s). Since the latter is essentially a pipe dream, I’m going to ask anyone who might have been around during that time if they might have what I’m looking for.

I will be extremely grateful toward anyone who helps me, even if it’s just by pointing me at a potential resource that they think might be worth looking at.

You can still search the Eve-files data base, the website made by chribba, there might be something you can use on there mate

I looked, the oldest DB copies were from after Red Moon Rising launched.

Ah that’s a shame. maybe a direct appeal to CCP through the ticket system? It cna take a few days but they do get back to you

I looked through my back-ups from 10+ years back and I didn’t have anything earlier than RMR, sorry.

Like you, I did look at my install disc from 2002, but alas, nothing of note.

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I’m sorry to hear that, but thanks for trying. I would have made an appeal through the ticket system like @Wacky_Wobbler_Wibble suggested, but haven’t done so thanks to a combination of IRL issues and not knowing if it’s allowed.

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