A History of EVE Database Server Hardware


We have released a development blog about the history of EVE servers. There is a lot of technical information for everyone to check and discover the journey the hardware supporting EVE has taken.


Whatever you do don’t delete system32.

If I rememeber correctly you gave some of the original boards are a gift to PermaSubbers at one of the Fanfest, Can’t remember which FF been to too many.

Great Gesture

Meow. :smiley:


So, when are you donating some of that old server hardware to the playerbase as a memento, could even use a charity auction to donate the proceeds to a certain current event that needs monies

Or you could just slap an EO sticker on a CPU and send it to me so i can admire the thing i’ve been involved with for the last 18 years

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So when do we get to celebrate the removal of Python from the game ecosystem?

Update: Irony as I posted this an article appeared mentioning Eve and Python lol See Game developers shouldn't overlook Python's potential

Be gone Python.

Hardware porn! :heart:

I remember a PSU that went up in flames… I remember one hour downtimes every day. The memories!


Ah nice to see your still around :heart:

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Any reason why you’re choosing an Intel CPU over AMD? Or your own server instead of cloud services? Interesting article.

Cloud Services are expensive.

The saving only shows if you can scale up and down dynamically.

There’s also significant latency issues you have to consider when you’re not in total control of your infrastructure and your servers.

Cloud services have their place, but they’d cost CCP an absolute fortune, for no real benefit. They could possibly rework their service to work better with them, but we’re talking a lot of work.

It’s also a matter of capital expenditure vs operational expenditure.


Eve chat is already on AWS is it not?

ED also runs on AWS.

Oh good times when the chat server messed up, local broke and Null ended up like Wormhole space like that event.

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Easy Kills :smiley:

Plausible deniability, a method of delaying local and blaming Amazon.

Any parts of Eve uses no-sql databases and if so, which parts and type of no-sql?

It is nice to see the history of the server and how it was improved and upgraded. It was also nice to read the small bits of background stories and reasons behind changes. :slight_smile: :+1:

Lots of technical information which sounded very complicated and clever. (some of it confused me, but I would never admit it, hehe!)

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Clearly missing the most important part of the server: a Do not touch sign hanging from the Big Red Button.

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Chat is a very different ballgame.

And EDs multiplay model is incredibly different

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Perhaps they can just host Jita on AWS then.

Thanks for the information and background!

Thank you, very interesting read!