Distributed/Volunteer Computing

Not sure if this is the right place to post.

But i had a thought… I wonder if CCP could develop some sort of Distributed/Volunteer compute system to help give the eve online servers/nodes a boost during large fights. Ive done a little research on the topic and it seems like it has been done on games before like Half Life, Quake 2/3 and Tribes 1/2.

Im sure that Eve Online players would be glad to donate their computing resources to allow for a better experience in these big fights. The trouble would be implementing it. Just an idea i thought i would share and maybe get a discussion going.

When one side is losing the battle they could yank their donated computers to cause the system to fail :smiley:

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Citation required

Two immediate issues, firstly, EVE doesn’t support that kind of thing as lots of the calculations have to be done in a specific order at a specific time, secondly, latency would render this worthless


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