What computer for large fleet fights?

Returning vet, I was in my 1st big fleet fight in 6 years and the lag was so bad eve crashed and I just waited until this morning to make my way home. What do I need so I can do the big fleet fights ? I can spend around 700$
I have a I 7 is it all about the graphics card I have a 1650 low profile its all I can fit in this tower.

we talking pc parts or laptop?

hit ctl shift f9 and it turns off the graphics. that will reduce the lag

desk top tower

yes I thought of that but I see all these you tube videos and they have great graphics. I am wondering what computer they use.

NASA’s super computers can’t handle Eve Online’s large fleet fights.

The game that can’t even deliver endgame content that they promise…

Sad, really.

Need to turn large fleet fights into instance based combat. Not even joking.

M2-mechanics exposed CCP and the true failure of the game.

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I gonna need to see that promise, since when the game was made they had no idea how to build scalable app.

If they promised this after, then they simply lied, the amount of problems to fix, including the industry window and docking and bla bla bla is pretty known and nobody in good conscious would promise anything like that.

If they promised it during launch, well, then they just made a honest mistake, nobody can project future. The server can hold and scale the universe, it just cannot hold and scale the same zone, due to the technology used, which back in the day was the correct tech to be used.

Rest of the post if fine and correct.

Since I’m here, why not?

I predict, simply outta my own ass no source, massive online video games will need to adapt and accept vertical scaling is not only expensive but also ineffective.

To embrace horizontal scaling, they gonna need to accept some “Schrodinger” and stop being obsessed with the exact order of events, eventually things will be corrected, it’s a matter of the accepted time window where things can get a little chaotic.

I dunno how to do it, just theorizing for fun.

Anyway, for once, I gonna defend CCP saying no amount of computer power will be enough if players just keep stacking in one (pardon me in the lack of better definition) linear event queue.

My futuristic theory says, for a period of time, your ship was dead, but also alive and firing, and take all this crap that happen in a time window, let’s say 400ms and mathematically reduce it and apply.

Sorry, I’ll shut up now. I’m bored.

I thought it was alt-f4?

Are we talking client or server? My computer works just fine as a client for big fights.

I run a RTX 3060 on a gaming computer. Perfect graphics…no lag. It cost £1000

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So I use special brackets in space for my overview setup when I go into large fights. No amount of computer is going to reduce lag with enough people and stuff on grid.

I run an i9 3090 with 4 accounts at full gfx. No issues with 500 people fighting on grid. Unfortunately if the node decides to introduce tidi nothing you have will help.

The specs you shared should be more than enough to handle big fleets.

I still use a i7-4770k with a gtx770 and it handled the last big fight (1500 on grid at least) handsomely some 3 weeks ago, without going into potato mode. I even kept it running at the highest settings available to see what would happen. As always for fleet activities I did switch off all audio for the Eve client, which runs on an SSD. But that was still on Win7. A few days after that fight I upgraded to Win10 - no differences in performance apparent yet.

I also keep the monitor open for outstanding calls to the server, to avoid piling up commands. Together with Eve sounds OFF, that’s really all I do - and enjoy the traffic control and TiDi which are entirely on CCP’s side of the equation.

To me the acid test is being able to insta-undock from Jita with 15 war targets in long range Tornados, etc around the undock gate. Something my prior Radeon R7 potato computer would never have handled…but my RTX 3060 handles perfectly. While others complain endlessly about lag at Jita, I get practically none at all.

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i5 10600, m2, 64gb ram, 3060 + 150mb\s for 7$ per month (in my city) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would say a top end PC like a 486/66.

I dont think i 486/50 would work.

With VESA Local Bus. ISA won’t cut it.

explain this exactly:

If it still relevant.

I thought about correcting your choice of word here, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. :wink:

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