Forget Potato just No Graphics mode eve online, for fleet battles

Ok, this is a long shot and probably never going to happen, but imagine being able to play eve in a 2k fleet battle on a potato pc, instead of no brackets in potato mode just a black screen and just the brackets instead. A simple keyboard shortcut will activate it. which then unloads assets from the GPU and ram. But can only be activated when a certain trigger is met. All the other stuff is still visible as in windows, tactical overlay, so there still a 3d world but only the icon and text when selected. Locked targets and selected items will still show the icons so at least you know what you’re shooting.

This reduces the load on the GPU significantly and allows the client to run at decent framerate, even better there could be a way that Eve Client could offload some of the computational power the CPU has to deal with to the GPU make things work better.


On the plus side, it should be easy for CCP to implement!

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Now this is intriguing.

Some very real world parallels and opposites to this kind of attitude exist. Modern warfare instrumentation is gloriously low quality on it’s interfaces because it’s pointless to spend the money on if it might get destroyed. They’ve got the performance and critical information displayed well enough to do the job, but are always screaming about how video games can do the same things at the same speed and so much more easy on the eyes.

Here you are headed the other way.

Very very interesting.

I like it. I support it. But man isn’t this ironic. =)

I wonder what CCP is gonna think about it though. There’s that little wild card to contend with :neutral_face:.

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Great and now I’m imagining playing EVE MS-DOS style :smiley:


what about 80 column eve on a Commodore 128 :slight_smile:

just needs more cores

I like your idea. :thumbsupparrot:

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Now I could be completely wrong, but my understanding is that Tidi in big fleet battles is less about just the graphics and largely due to all the physics calculations the server has to do regarding all the ships flying, firing, calculating all the relevant data to see who hits or misses etc.

Your client still attempts to render everything, regardless of what’s going on in the server.

This is why people recommend everyone who enters large fights (regardless of how high end your system is) set your graphics to the lowest settings possible, have specific brackets set (so that the game doesn’t try to render brackets for every drone launched), etc.

Makes sense. However would it be the case in terms of Tidi that it is primarily server side due to all the processing the server has to do? I only suspect that given you can feel the effects of Tidi even if you aren’t close to the big fight if your system happens to be on the same node?

You’re talking about something that’s not relevant to the discussion.

Yes, the server has do to the calculations, but that’s not the point here. The point was to help a player’s CLIENTS be placed under less graphical stress by entirely removing graphics entirely.

The SERVER really doesn’t need to (nor should it) render anything graphically. It’s not like there’s someone watching things being rendered on the server. Does it do calculations? Yes. Does it control TiDi? Yes. Does it matter in terms of the graphical rendering stress that a player’s client is placed under? No.

Your client WILL still fee the effects of TiDi, because the calculations (influenced by TiDi) are still being done on the server. The only difference here would be that your computer isn’t strained trying to graphically render everything on the grid.



Thanks for the clarification.

Has anyone looked at their resource consumption during a large fleet battle?

I have to wonder whether there isn’t a significant amount of CPU load as well, processing updates for all the various ships and dealing with the massive honking packets being thrown around in a large fleet fight.

If it was just a case of graphics then CCP could just stop rendering ships, which they do to some extent already, but there’s probably a pretty significant CPU load as well I’m just not sure how much.

We made it!


This functionality was perfect, it’s great!
Now the CCP only needs to remove the caption when we activate this function, “Ship exterior view is disabled”, please remove this information because it gets in the way during PVP and is useless (in my view)

They should probably remove the Sansha invasion glow, the metaliminal storm glow, and the star gate jump animation, too.

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