Pc for eve

I just had a huge fleet fight where i had 0.01Fps
While in potato mode.
Now im wondering is there a good Computer that can handle 2000 people on grid.
My budget for a new pc is about 500€ is there anyone that would at least have more fps
Then 11 while potato mode is activated.
Thanks in advance

you probably experienced TiDi if it was a large enough fleet… meaning it doesn’t matter if you are in potato mode, or got up to date PC, if you are experience TiDi, you’re gonna see things moving slower than molasses.


Yes ik we had TiDi but i mean i was in potato mode and it showed me i had 0.1 fps wich i dont understand

and nothing reacted at all i clicked warp and 15 minutes later my ship was in the same place

you won’t see any interaction during TiDi. not trying to sound antagonistic, but do you understand TiDi mechanics?

Its not your PC, if it was you would have crashed to desktop.

The best you can do is turn off sound and potato. Moving out of blue doughnut nul helps too.

you’ll want to look into a better overview setting. do you know of the null sec famous ones?

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