Very low 1-2fps in potato mode in huge fights

Hi there,
I was wondering why am I lagging so much in these large fights even in settings setup for performance?
I have pretty good pc for eve using one client, gtx 1060 6gb, i7 4790, but even on one client and potato mode I get only 1-2fps, while my corp mates have usual like 20fps even higher.
Also I recently reinstalled eve on ssd so that should be ok.

Please help me fix this so I can enjoy these fights much more.

Are these large enough fights causing TiDi?

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Welcome to Eve !

Nothing to enjoy in a <10% TiDi fight , but you can cook something , watch a TV show, spend time with the love(d) one(s), go to the gym , come back and press F1 again , etc.

if you have a yellow, green, or red circle, like above, then you have Time Dilation or TiDi going on.

No need to have big fights to have lags.
I have lags, freeze and stutters in systems with 3 people in it.
CCP needs to FIX this game or close it entirely.
It’s unethical to take people’s money and let the game rot like that.

O_o I’ve been in fights with 4k people in system with all brackets on and still getting like 30fps I think what they have achieved is pretty amazing.

Have you pressed cntrl+alt+del and looked at resource monitor while in these situation’s, chances are you have 1 thing bottle necking your performance and resource monitor will more than likely show you what is capping out first.

It could be 1 pc part it could be drivers it could be windows funky updates (probably not now seems fine) could be direct X version could be operating system if you’re not on windows, or even other apps running in your background that is using up all your system resources.

Even posting a print screen of your resource manager in here will let people here help you find what might be wrong.

The game usually runs smoothly for me too. But the past week it’s been nothing but lag and freeze.
And so many “updates”. Every week there’s an update. They fix something somewhere and brake another somewhere else.
It’s alway a work in progress. When will the game be done? They could at least warn the customers the game is in Beta until they stop screwing with it.

So, rare bugs are not unheard of, but considering that the problem isn’t widespread, my first thought would that there’s something going on client side.

The first thing I would suggest you guys check is to make sure that your graphics card isn’t overheating. If it’s overheating, it can cause your card to throttle, which can tank your framerate. The most common cause of overheating is when your thermal paste gets old, but fans can also fail. In fact, I also once had a problem where variable speed fan control just stopped working on one of my cards.

Anyway, download HWmonitor and take a look at what your GPU temps and clockspeeds are doing. I don’t know what card you have Red, but max temp for a GTX 1060 is 83 degrees celcius, and, as long as it isn’t overclocked, it will have a boost clock speed of 1.7Ghz. So, if your card is hitting max temp, and/or running at well below max clock speed while suffering from poor framerates, overheating would be a likely culprit.

Mouse polling rate can also sometimes cause problems. You can read more about it below.

If none of this fixes it, let me know, and I’ll see if I can’t help get you guys sorted. You might also want to file a support ticket in order to get in line (you can always close it if you solve the problem yourself). Also, please come back and tell us how you managed to get the problem sorted. Might help the next guy with the same problem.

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Thank you for the HWMonitor link, it’s always useful to monitor those things but I know for sure it’s not my graphic card. I keep my puter in tip-top shape. I’ve been building desktop computers since 1998, I can tell when it has a problem just by navigating the files system. I’m good at troubleshooting.
Proof positive is that now I have NO lag whatsoever for the past few hours and I haven’t lifted a finger.

I might as well yell in the desert, lol.

I wish I could solve some of the problems I read on this forum but most of the time it’s on CCP’s end.

Anyway, thanks for caring.

Than you.

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