Poor PC performance in Fleet Fights

(GeeShizzle MacCloud) #1

hey all!

FYI this is not a scrub post about confusion over why 2k+ fleetfights are more taxing on a pc then a 10 man roam around empty null, i have specific confusing issues with fleet fight performance and potential bottlenecking that i cannot fathom that either is because i am overlooking something really simple or requires a degree of knowledge i dont possess over the eve clients requirements to achieve decent framerates in a large scale fight.

Firstly the symptoms and why i believe it could be an arbitrary removable bottleneck over a ‘holy hell update your Sinclair spectrum to something past the 80’s’!

  • Typical eve gameplay is normally in the 200-300fps range if not more
  • Fleet fights in the 2k+ variety is in the 2-7 fps area
  • CPU and GPU utilisation in normal gameplay is in the 30% on CPU and 30-40% on the GPU.
  • CPU and GPU utilisation in big fleet fights is in the 50-60% on CPU and 5-15% on the GPU

My CPU is a hex core hyperthreaded X5670 overclocked from 2.93GHz to 3.8GHz on an AIO watercooler.
16GB of RAM
MSI GTX1070 Gaming X 8GB
16GB Pagefile
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Toshiba H200 SSHD hybrid drive (temp replacing a Samsung EVO 850 SSD)
Western Digital blue 3tb HDD

Heres a screenshot of a fleet fight i was on grid with with MSI afterburner monitoring graphs.
Honestly i do not know why my GPU utilisation is soo low and my cpu utilisation is only half but am not getting the FPS that my system can obviously achieve. i feel somethings bottlenecking my system but i cannot figure out what.

imgur screenshot of fleetfight w metrics

Any constructive suggestions greatly appreciated! if you need more info plz ask (no im not gonna give u my IP or call u on skype etc…)

much love! <3

(Wander Prian) #2

Eve isn’t a very demanding game GPU-wise. It uses CPU quite heavily and is not the best with multiple cores. If you check your CPU cores under load, it is likely maxing one core and the rest are almost idle.

(GeeShizzle MacCloud) #3

i get that, the img i included in the OP was under load in a ~2k fleet fight showing all 12 threads FPS GPU load RAM usage Pagefile size etc… most of my cores were running approx 50%ish which is why im confused. if it were one maxxed out itd have been obvious where the bottleneck lay. but if only!