Looking for Old grumpy men to join me in Null

I am a 50+ yr old pilot looking for like minded pilots who love to PvP over most things, who want to work with a well mannered individuals that are able to hold a mature conversations.

I have a corp in a Null Sec Alliance where they leave me to do what I do and I am looking to expand to about 10 active pilots. I care about my kill board and you don’t have to be a super pro pilot, but if you can fill a role and work as a team then i have interest in you. I also have everything you need for whatever it is you do, indy, pve and so on. Reply to me here and I will contact you in game.

Thanks for your time and I look forward talking to you!

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I am 50+ also and interested in what you would have to say - please contact me in game!

Thank you!

hit me up

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