Looking for Ore Buyback Programe for our website

(Lucinda Trade) #1

Im looking for an Ore Buyback website script to host on our own server so we can offer the corp members a way to simply sell use there Ore/Salvage/Loot

(Brock Khans) #2

What kinds of things do you need ?

May be considered barbaric but I’ve been through a lot of groups that just use evepraisal.com and decide of a % of the jita buy or jita sell they will Match for specific item types.

(Ikki Phoenix) #4

Check eve-hr.com
Just started to use it for my corp

(Blacksmoke16) #5

Possibly of interest

Some work will need to be done, i.e. style it and some config to get it setup. But the core features are there. It uses fuzz’s market api for price data.

(system) #7

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