☠ Looking for Pirates and those aiming to get rich through Piracy!

New Eden Tactics Squad

Become a Pirate. A RICH Pirate :skull_and_crossbones:

-A Corp to learn how Piracy functions

-Become rich doing the dirty deeds

-Learn to cheat, steal, scam, gank

**-Access to C3 Wormhole

-Learn to gank for profit

-Learn how to ninja loot

-Learn to scam (NCST)

-No requirements to join

-Make ISK first, ask questions later

-Got questions? Or even answers?

Especially seeking new bros. I was once one of those new bros who was “left behind” by a corp/alliance and just felt utterly lost. My goal is to make sure you have everything you ever needed to become wealthy and successful in Eve. It’s a harsh world, why not learn to feast on the opportunities for income so you can choose what you want to do?

We are war-ineligible and will remain so.

If you’re a bittervet, please feel free to join, share your valuable experience and knowledge. Help a new bro.

Contact Ariq Khan in game or just send a corp application. :skull_and_crossbones:

How much money did you get in this char last month doing gunking stuff?

On this character alone, approximately a billion isk. Not quite enough to cover PLEX. Then again, I only ganked 3 people with this character in the past month. My alts though make much more.

Hisec, Lowsec, Null, doesn’t really matter. There’s ISK to be made everywhere.

Do whatever YOU want to do. No requirements except a willingness to learn and share knowledge.

Only requirement: Don’t scam your corp mates.

Don’t forget, ISK makes New Eden go round.

Educate yourself in all aspects of New Eden. Get out of the Care Bear mindset.

Because I like to bump it

i played for about a month with an old boss of mine but it never really went anywhere other than a few quests killing bandits,i really wanna BE the bandit now,just be patient with me i dont remember the macros

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