Looking for pve friendly amarr corp

Objective : Seeking pve , industry minded corporation preferably in amarr space


-1.4 mill skill points 100% into amarr drone ships like the arby and prophecy
-alpha until i get paid on the 28th

  • 10 mill isk with a 30 mill arby
  • level 2 missions about 20 away from level 3

Why you should hire me?
As a retired individual , you find that I will dedicate much of my time into earning your corporation isk through mission running and distribution. I have discord and a microphone.

I’ve reached out to you with an in-game mail - it makes linking the various details easier.
Hopefully of interest.

we from Lactose industry
have the pve the industry
and are in amarr the only thing missing

is you as a player :smiley:

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