Looking for PvP Corp - Midsized or Smaller

Who am I?: Asar Kardde (Asar Kardde | Character | zKillboard )

Why am I here? I am looking for a corp

What do I want out of a corp? Fun group of guys with a sense of direction and purpose. Not too small (<10) but not so large as to where I can’t know everyone.

When do I play? Pacific USTZ but can play Eastern USTZ with advanced notice or on off days.

What do I have to offer? That depends, I have spent the majority of recent/relevant my eve playing time doing blops/other cloaky activities though I have led small scale non blops fleets multiple times while running my former alliance. I have a good number of alts and can fly all caps except a titan at one time among my accounts. I’m a decent recruiter if you’re seeking to grow your organization but most of all I’m a team player and any of my former ceo’s could vouch for my character (though don’t ask my victims) . I will occasionally be toxic in local (though in good taste never to my fleet mates) and if that is an issue it’s best not to recruit me.

If you would like to see video examples of things I have done check my youtube channel here (it’s the ones I remember to record and quality is subpar at best) .

I haven’t been super active lately due to school and lack of direction but I am normally much more active. Just looking for cool things to do and a place I feel like I belong. If this ad interests you (or you want to awox some of my expensive assets, just make it fun!) feel free to message me on discord at RocketCat#9993 And if your corp uses slack instead of discord please don’t reach out xD.

My favorite kills (not in any order): Marshal | Muffcobb | Killmail | zKillboard (first marshal kill I setup) Rorqual | Nephilim Ky | Killmail | zKillboard (first hyper super drop) Kronos | Lilly Stargazer | Killmail | zKillboard (first ‘solo’ marauder kill)

Yo m8, most of us started as pies but this gives us the lets call it “will to play again” kinda thing, its pretty cool, hard as ■■■■ and there is so much purpose that u can ■■■■ bricks, in other words, join the other side :sunglasses:

We have a very dadicated US time wing, still med/small size so u get to know them all, most of us With kids etc so pretty chilled, no drama, just fun and pew,pew. Ofc No obligations at all or CTAs but organized with calender etc, all in all to enjoy the damn thing… its just a game ;o)

Everyone nice, personaly spoken with EVERYONE that ever joined corp so filtered out smart asses, idiots, unpolite people, spoled kids etc… just fun cool guys… and girls :policewoman:

Here have a look at the add, if u wanna be there, have fun, mabe help newbros and look at it all from the other side… here we are

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