Looking for PVP? Maybe PVP with PVE/Indy on the side? ANOUT is recruiting all timezones

ANOIKIS OUTLAWS is a Nullsec corp looking for all kinds of pilots. We are a friendly group of players who have been together for many many years, with varied experience; many of our members spent 3 years in C5 and C4 class WH space. We currently live in null sec as part of the alliance INITIATIVE MERCENARIES.

What we can provide:


  • Small Gangs That Go BOOM in the Night, or giant fleet fights with hundreds in local! Pew pew activities are available on all scales, with good FCs.
  • Corp low-sec roams with corp level doctrine ships
  • Corp, Alliance, and coalition level ship replacement program for doctrine ships.
  • Corp, Alliance, and coalition provide opportunities to learn and gain experience in FCing - We encourage all members to try their hand at FCing.


  • Exploration, Industry, Mining, Ratting: whatever you’re into, we’re into!
  • We build a range of ships regularly, and reward miners with a corp-level ore and salvage buyback program.
  • Alliance structures provide support for a variety of industrial activities, and safety in multiple systems.


  • Pocket area that we call home to mine
  • A buyback program so you can make isk easier
  • Mining ops so you can bs with the group as we kill roids

What We’re Looking For:

  • Friendly, easy going pilots
  • Pilots who are able to use voice comms when logged in, even if just to listen
  • Active in their timezone, would love to add more USTZ and AUTZ pilots.
  • Willing to share their knowledge and help alliance mates – all members are encouraged to teach one another and collaborate on goals.

What We Offer:

  • Loot, Salvage, & Ore buyback
  • Discord for daily corp chat and Mumble comms for alliance comms
  • Friendly, helpful environment, with a community in and out of game
  • Encourage members to play EVE in a way that makes them happy

Come chat with us in-game in the ‘ AO Club House ’ channel or reach out to Ev0l Hireling or Kames Gre’new to start a conversation.

We’re always waiting for new recruits. Come on down!

Hi there, potential recruits!

always on the look out for more recruits!

Still looking to gain a few more members

Will be on shortly, available for chat

Currently online and awaiting new recruits! come say hi!

USTZ stepping in, online and looking to chat.

still looking for more pilots! come join the family!

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