Looking for PVP training


I am looking for a corp that is truthfull about training or showing someone the ropes. Have been told yes we will train you and I joined only to be told by people in corp oh no we only mine . I am pretty new to the game and have some time to learn .

You need to make a few decisions about what you want to do with “PvP”.

  • Do you just want to structure bash in highsec? Lots of options.
  • Do you want to fly around nullsec in wolfpacks, killing everything? The giant nullsec empires all seem to have starter corps for this.
  • Do you want to gank helpless miners in highsec? There are a few corps that do this, but there isn’t a lot of training required.
  • Do you want to be on comms a lot and consistently work in fleets? Wormholes might be for you.
  • You probably want to find a Faction Warfare Corp. They are better than most about training people and also doing semi-consistent but laid back fleets. They operate in lowsec where PvP is somewhat meaningful, rather than just ganks and blobs.

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