Looking for Serious Mining Corp

To Whom it may concern,

Looking for an active and Serious Null-Low Sec Mining Corp.

30 y/o Male, available most evenings.

Running 4 Accounts and looking for a corp with Orca / Rorqual Support ships to take mining to the next level.

Based at Lari at present; looking to fleet mine extensively.
Happy to relocate to any region of space as required.

Please advise,

Kind regards,

Telos, Melos, Velos & Helos Zephyr

As a note; 3/4 Accounts are currently operating Retrievers.

Why go lowsec if you can have 4 moons a week in hisec, also good industry support?

Doesnt have to be low sec, just looking for the next step up in mining.

Well if you want to try us, we offer plenty moon pops, orca fleets, ore buyback at jita prices and with no taxes. Check our Recruitment

Yes, this looks ideal.
Shall apply this evening.

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