NAABAL INDUSTRIES are recruiting! 0% tax

  TYPE:        social

GAMEPLAY: relaxed
LOCATION: hisec, caldari space, close to jita hub
ACTIVITIES: orca mining fleets, mission running, gas\ice mining, manufacturing, mission running


  • ship rebuy program,
  • free reprocessing,
  • hauling( free if under 10 hisec jumps)
  • production buying
  • minerals selling
  • ore buyback( jita price)
  • inventions

we are a corp aimed to help new players into mining and industry. We give training, and equipments when necessary. also we are very new player friendly, and if you having a hard time with game mechanics, we are the right people for you.

If interested, reply here, or send me a ingame mail. or join our discord: Naabal comms!


bunpy, come live with us! the view is awesome

Daily hug!

Daily … b … come hunt some ice with us

Daily bump… We are here to help

Greetings, we are waiting for you

Morning ! still here to help!

Don’t be alone in the belts, join us!

Come learn the game and make new friends with us

if you are tired of that big corp doctrines, and mandatory fleets, come have fun with us, and do whatever y want whenever you want , also have nice chat with some crazy people.

Hi There!
Sub Inc. Is a corporation that is interested in Joint-operations with other corporations. We would be interested in mining with you or having you guys join us in the wormhole for the C5 gas mining Fleets. - Where we clear the Sleeper rats from the profit heavy gas fields, and mine it all in. Come see what Undocking can do for you.

Sub Inc. Come see what Undocking can do for you.

Greetings mate, I’m not at home, if you send me an email we can talk more details

Mail Sent!

Come have nice chat with great people!

Your discord link says expired. But im a 18.5 mil sp returning mining/indy/ exploration. Intrested in knowing more about yall. Msg me on discord user name qendaen

greetings… i’ll update that link… also send me ingame mail if you want more details

Come join us in caldari hisec! Nice people to talk, no mandatory things to do, and support from very nice people!

Greetings! If you looking for a place called home, it’s the better view of caldari space

Good night ! Come have a nice time with some great people!

Greetings! If you a new player and need guidance , or a returning. Vet looking for fun,fall in!