Come fly with us! daily mining fleets and now free reprocess service .

Greetings! All services still up! Now with weekly PvP CONTEST!

Industrial hisec corp with acess to moon, come have e a nice time while not be demanded to do anything.

(((( Don’t miss our weekly PvP contest))))

can you send me a discord link. Like to learn more. Thanks! @Brewton_Boirelle

Still recruiting, come have a nice time with us!!

Come have a nice time with cool people!

Giving a great bump to a great corp.

friendly corp for new players and old timers.


Thanxs mate! Good times at null… but our corp can help more at hisec.

Join naabal and use our free services, also free moon content

Hi Safira, brand new capsuleer here that would love to join and learn all I can/help out where I can! Fairly casual player, maybe an hour or two at night after the wife and kid are asleep :slight_smile:

Edit: Thanks to Maddeb for pointing me in your direction!

Greetings mate! We will help you as much we can. Plz send me ingame mail and we can talk it out.

Come fly with us! Fun is guaranteed at least!!

Come fly with us! Enjoy our many corp services.

Daily invite. Come enjoy good company with nice folks.

If you are a new player or a returning vet, we are the best choice . new player friendly, relaxed and RL first corp

Come fly with us! Enjoy our many corp services.

Come join us in caldari hisec! Nice people to talk, no mandatory things to do, and support from very nice people!

if you are tired of that big corp doctrines, and mandatory fleets, come have fun with us, and do whatever y want whenever you want , also have nice chat with some crazy people.