New miner looking for a Corporation

Hi guys, have only played for a day but have always wanted to do play Eve. Giving Eve a crack.

I dont know what i am doing but am extremely enthusiastic about doing it. I always play a miner in any MMO game so why should Eve be any different?

I have a mighty frigate with what looks like nerf guns strapped to it.

Am easy going, not into the politics. Just want to mine and pvp.

Am in Australia and play mostly late at night here.

Cheers ears

Hey there,

First of all welcome to EVE
its immense and alot of things to soak up at the start.
Atm we at PBP dont have alot of aus tz.
But if u want to u can register here
and join the discord of the watchmen.
they are a fun bunch of ppl that might get u safely started and getting u to explore the vast reaches of EVE

Greetings we are a caldari hisec corp who aims to help new players into many pve activities. See more on Naabal recruitment or our comms Naabal comms

So first up, I would 100% ignore any null sec responses you get here. You are 1 day old, you need to find your way a bit before travelling out to the wild. Also you’ll miss out on the gradual progression of gameplay and you’d end up in some dark pocket of nullsec mining away without really knowing why.

Stick to starter systems and empire space for now. High sec to start with. Then once you’ve got a bit of experience try venturing into lowsec if it grabs at you.

It is of course you’re decision, but don’t rush this by going out to null sec - this is a slow burn game which you’ll get the most pleasure out of by finding your way at your own pace. Null, at this early stage, will probably turn you off.

With that in mind I would try Malevelon Roe Industries

They are high sec/low sec and predominantly do mission running BUT they do have a group for miners of varying levels of experience. I highly recommend you try them out. Discord is below:

Also if that doesn’t pan out, the post directly above mine is worth a go, even if they are Caldari !!

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