Miner/Hauler looking for a home!

Hi guys! I’m looking for a corp to join with two charachters on separate accounts, one of whom can fly industrial command ships and freighters, and the other who can fly t2 fit exhumers. I’m preferably looking for a corp in wormhole or null space. Can be online a lot of the time. Been playing for coming close to 4 years now, plenty of experience in dangerous areas of space.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!


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Hey Sandra!

Check out Leviathan Rising in game! They live on a HS island with moon mining(the moons have null sec ores) and manufacturing of all kinds as well as a large BPO library members get free copies of.

Eve mail me in game or reply to me here if you have any questions. For recruitment purposes if you feel Levi could be a good place for you talk to the individuals listed in their bio.

Milli o7

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If you are looking for a good experienced mining corp please consider FAYN Industries. We are a null-sec based operation and has all the things needed to grow into a mega corporation. We are part of a wide coalition which is situated within the region of Fountain

If you have more than 10 million skill points, FAYN has everything needed to help all of it’s new members begin a new chapter, whether it be trying null sec for the first time, or just a returning player needing to regain the grasp of the universe. We have Buy-back programs, starter kits and ships, and a huge BPO and skill book library. Like to PVP we have that, like to do Abyssals, we can help with that too. We are EU and US time zone and looking for players who like to play EVE!

If you are looking for industry-based content and want a growing, committed corporation, then you have found it! Hop on into our recruitment channel (FAYN.Recruits) in game or Register http://auth.fayn.tk/
and after that fill out the application form here http://auth.fayn.tk/hr/create/ to get your next step started.

If interested or just need help contact Sirxamoc in game Discord SirxAmoc#3933

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still searching!

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hey buddy the icarus expedition is allways looking for new members heres our link

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Hi Sandra,

I’ve sent you and in game mail.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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still searching!

I’m not sure what you’re looking for specifically that the other offers here can’t provide but Hell Too at a large Factional Warfare Industry corporation that can always use help in supplying the front lines!

These guys are pretty nice i talk with them alot really friendly we have fun in the chat check these out just think about it. NAABAL INDUSTRIES RECRUITING

Hello Sandra!!

We at Ruthless Regiment would love to see you join the team!!

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