Looking for something long term

Returning vet. Had a short visit in 2023 but Ive basically been away for years. Looking for something long term. I lost my place in EVE a long time ago which made me quit the game. After years of trying to stay away I finally caved in. Im again willing to find that EVE home.

As I consider myself a newbro Id like to stay in highsec for now. In that highsec home Id like to be able to go on various fleeted excursions to any space. I dont mind if the corp is in part into indy.

Another important ascpect of what Im looking for is that my home corp should have close ties to nullsec and with it secure nullsec space. As I never really delved into the nullsec life Id like to have the option to learn from “home”.

Lastly, Ill never be a discord presence. In chat, probably. In vocals, not likely.


maybe you are interested in joining GDawn. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for something long term, you need stakes and risk. That’s how the friendship machine in EVE Online is built, and it’ll create some longlasting connections.

Get out of highsec, and come hang with FL33T.

Hey definitely message me in-game I think I have exactly what you are looking for!

I like what I see. Just one thing. I dont know how FW have changed since Ive been away but joining you guys would lock me into FW correct? Sure FW is fun but I am not sure Im ready to lock myself to FW atm. I need to think on it.