Looking for US time zone Mining corp

Hello I’m looking for a US Time zone mining corp that is active in corp mining missions, buy backs and basically everything mining related. I would also like to get into adyssals as well so if your corp is active in the pve missions that would be great.


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Hey there! You should check out Of Tears and ISK. We’re a mostly mining and Indy corp with Abyss Fleets as well as solo instruction. We have an in corp buy back program and our main focus is corpies making ISK. Hit us up on discord!

Hey, What timezome are you in? For future reference, its important to post in recruitment ads :slight_smile:

Did you read the heading?

Lol, i think i just forgot about it after i read it.


The Order of Merlin

Hey there!
We may be able to provide what you’re looking for!
Here is our thread, reach out to us in game or over discord!

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